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/redpen will take your enterprise's writing to the next level. Whether print or digital, we are committed to your content being its best so you can commit yourself to what you do best: your business.  

Regardless of what we edit, your writing will benefit from the /redpen touch. Don't have any writing yet? We'll be your wordsmith,  transforming your ideas for your content into a written reality.

But /redpen is far more than a writing and revision service—we are a business communications company. Communication between business and client is of the utmost importance, and minute details make tremendous differences. Your font choice says as much about you as your website; your social media presence speaks just as loud as the "about" section on your profile. That's why /redpen examines and perfects all aspects of communication, including social media platforms, website design, and inter-company communication. When you work with /redpen, you're not solely improving your writing—you're elevating your business's quality of communication for a better brand image.  

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Founded in 2018, /redpen was created specifically for small businesses. In the Digital Age, our first impressions - namely, our websites and other similar content - are rapidly becoming our only chances to impress potential clients or customers. We noticed that local businesses were writing with a quality that did not positively reflect their work. With all of the demands of operating a small business, it can be difficult to allow time for revision and rewriting of content. Errors in writing, whether big or small, communicate a negative message to your clients—and that's not right.  /redpen is your solution for all of your communication problems. We are a small company for your small company. The Devil's in the details—and we're your angel. 

My name is Caroline Wilson, and I am the creator, owner, and sole editor of /redpen. Editing is my passion, business is my interest, and perfection is my obsession. My red pen has always been an extension of my hand; now, /redpen is an extension of optimizing your content. 

/redpen’s founder Caroline Wilson was instrumental in updating Noble Construction Group’s webpage, Facebook page, and LinkedIn accounts.  Her responsiveness, attention to detail, and dedication is unparalleled.  We will definitely continue to use her for our upcoming projects. 




David S. Goldstein, Esq.

Noble Construction Group, LLC

/redpen did an amazing job creating a website for Essay Owl. We are a brand new company. Caroline took the few words and ideas I gave her and ran with them. The result is a professional, easy-to-navigate site. Caroline was very responsive and great to work with. I highly recommend /redpen.

Carrie Tobias, founder

Essay Owl


Caroline is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is highly organized, responsive, and delivered a superior work product. We cannot be happier with our experience and would not hesitate to use her services again!

Spencer Knibbe, Managing Partner

MBK Search





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